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Our products are evolving very fast because we try to keep pace with state-of-the-art technology and because we (try to) listen to our customers suggestions.
For this reason we have stopped supplying manuals that become soon obsolete and we have setup this support site where you can find all the latest information and instructions about our products.
If you look for some software that we supply free of charge with our products, you can go directly to Software download

Warning: if you never bought products from us, please note that our customers are integrators and not end users, as some skills are needed to be able to use them. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before ordering anything...

General information about TCS products
  • Common basic information about TCS-Products
  • TCS OS Commands list on-line
  • TCS Products limited liability disclaimer, read it before buying
  • TCS-Commander application

  • Support for Products in full production
  • TCS-Easygate instructions
  • TCS-AWS: autonomous weather station
  • TCS-Printer 2: SMS printer
  • TCS 3.5: 8 input/output professional solution
  • TCS-MICRO: 1 input/output low-cost GSM remote control

  • Instructions for older TCS-Products
  • TCS-WORLD Support page
  • TCS-CAM II : GSM/GPRS autonomous digital camera
  • TCS-MINI: 2 input/output GSM remote control
  • TCS-GPS: Professional GSM and GPS vehicle tracking system and alarm
  • MFP58: Flash eprom programmer to update TCS products firmware
  • TCS-CAM II : GSM/GPRS autonomous digital camera
  • X4 instruction manual
  • TCS-CAM: GSM autonomous digital camera
  • TCS 3.0 Instructions Manual
  • TCS-LC Instructions Manual v 1.0
  • Other information and Software download
  • Software download
  • SMS and remote controls
  • GPRS and remote controls

  • Instructions about specific products
    TCS-AWS Support
  • TCS-AWS main support page
  • Istruzioni (in italiano) per le stazioni TCS-AWS
  • Specifications of SMS and GPRS packet for TCS-AWS Autonomous Weather Station
  • Example of GPRS UDP receiver for developers, including source code

    TCS 3.5 Support
  • TCS 3.5 on-line instructions V2.0
  • TCS 3.5 manual V 1.1 in PDF
  • Schematics of TCS 3.5 connections (gif)
  • How to adjust temperature probes on TCS 3.5

    TCS-CAM II Support
  • TCS-CAM II : GSM/GPRS autonomous digital camera help
  • TCS-CAM II manual in Italiano
  • TCS-CAM II manual in English
  • PC applications: the following packages are provided as-they-are, free-of-charge, with no warranty that they will work properly and with no assistance.
  • TCS-CAM II controller
  • TCS-CAM II UDP Server

  •   TCS MINI Support
  • TCS-MINI main support page
  • Special notes about temperature option on TCS-MINI

    Software Download
  • PC software to interface TCS devices
    Note well: the following packages are provided as-they-are, free-of-charge, with no warranty that they will work properly and with no assistance.
  • TCS-Commander version 1v3
  • TCS-CAM controller
  • Flash-IT 1.00 PC application for MFP58 programmer
  • TCS-CAM II controller
  • TCS-CAM II UDP Server

    WARNING: Last but not least..please read:
    Our target customers are system integrators and not final customers. Since products change fast and we don't have time and resources to translate in many languages manuals that become quickly obsolete, we have resolved to supply all instructions in english, not because it is easier for us (we are Italians) but because anybody who is seriously in electronics must know english as anybody who is seriously in literature should know latin and greek.
    If you need instructions in other languages, please be warned that we won't be able to supply them, though we will be glad to assist you in clearing doubts about them.

    We do our best to produce products that are easy-2-use but this is not always possible because technology changes fast and because we are a small company, fast, flexible, but small, and we can't provide any low level information.
    We assume that our customers are experienced with GSM technology and electronics.
    If you don't know how SMSs work or what is a Open Collector output, may we recommend that you don't buy a product directly from us but rather refer to a technician, that buys it, and then provides you a complete working solution (and you pay him for his knowledge).

    We can be extremely flexible with experienced customers and actually I may say that most of our customers are very satisfied but unfortunately we cannot be flexible with unexperienced ones...

    Dixi et salvavi animam meam! (I warned you and saved my soul!)


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