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DPS-Promatic srl is an italian company which started manufacturing electronic machines in 1981. In the past 30 years we have developed many products. Some of them, including this one, have become obsolete. This page provides the information of the legacy product, now obsolete, and the link to the NEW PRODUCT that has similar characteristics.

  M A D E   I N  I T A L Y  

Legacy Product: Telemetry with TCS 3.5
New product: TCX-Easycontrol

TCS can read standard 4-20 ma or 1-5 V sensors

With wireless technology it is possible to achieve telemetry of distant sensors using the popular GSM network and DPS-Promatic Telecom Control Systems (TCS) boards. Sensors can be 4-20 ma type, 1-5 V type or others on request.
TCS 3.0 Industrial board can come with a built-in signal conditioner for a 4-20 ma or for a 1-5V sensor.
A menu in the TCS OS lets you set the 2 low and the 2 high thresholds, as follows:

Analog In 4-20mA = 50%
1) Lower Threshold 10%
2) Low Threshold 25%
3) High Threshold 60%
4) Higher Threshold 80%
5) Alarms = Disabled
E) Exit

The value in the first line is what the TCS reads at the moment from the sensor.
The value is expressed in percentage. 0%=4 ma, 100% equals 20 ma.
If no sensor is connected you will get a SENSOR ERROR (if alarms are enabled).
Example: if thresholds are set as above, and value is 50%, no alarm will be sent. If the signal goes to 18% (below 25), an alarm will be sent, if it goes to 7% (below 10) another alarm will be sent. Same will happen if it will goes above 60% or above 80%.
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