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DPS-Promatic srl is an italian company which started manufacturing electronic machines in 1981. In the past 30 years we have developed many products. Some of them, including this one, have become obsolete. This page provides the information of the legacy product, now obsolete, and the link to the NEW PRODUCT that has similar characteristics.

  M A D E   I N  I T A L Y  

Legacy Product: TCS-GATE
New product: TCX-Easygate

TCS GATE open gate with phone

With a TCS board it is possible to build a access management system based on GSM phones. A list of the enabled numbers is inserted in the TCS database. Whenever a phone call is made to the TCS number, after a validity check, the call is rejected ( so there is no charge) and the output relay is activated for a while. If a computer is connected to the TCS, it is possible to store all the events with date and time, and this is very effective to control who is entering and when. The PC doesn't need to be constanly switched on, because the TCS board has a 32 kb ram buffer where to store the events, that can be read whenever the PC is switched on.

Please take a look at the Access Management flash animation.
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