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DPS-Promatic legacy products
DPS-Promatic srl is an italian company which started manufacturing electronic machines in 1981. In the past 30 years we have developed many products. Some of them, including this one, have become obsolete. This page provides the information of the legacy product, now obsolete, and the link to the NEW PRODUCT that has similar characteristics.

  M A D E   I N  I T A L Y  

Legacy Product: Petrol station GSM monitoring
New product: TCX-Easycontrol

Monitoring of fuel storage tanks with GSM

Monitoring of fuel storage tanks with GSM
With the help of DPS-Promatic's TCS you can easily deliver fuel level data, quick data delivery and alarms in fuel tanks support you in the logistics of a petrol station.
Strong environmental regulations force petrol station owners to increase efforts in monitoring of the storage tanks. DPS-Promatic's TCS systems attached to Veeder Root monitors help you to achieve this.
GSM controlled petrol station
TCs unit attached easily to Veeder Root controller

  • 1. Theft prevention
    The TCS module is collecting continuously stock information from the level measurement device and from the pumps. If the pumps are working and the level of fuel in the storage tank is sinking according to this, then nothing happens. But if the pumps are not working and the level is sinking, there will be an alarm in the station and an alarm-SMS will be sent to the person in charge.
  • 2. Delivery of the alarms
    When an alarm comes from the level measurement device, the TCS module sends a SMS message to the administor of the petrol station. This can be done to up to 8 different GSM numbers that can receive an alarm message simultaneously.
  • 3. Level data monitoring
    Through the TCS module connected to the Veeder Root equipment, storage information can be delivered to the GSM-phones. You can call with your GSM phone the petrol station. The TCS module rejects the call (=no charge) and sends an SMS message with the data to your phone.
  • 4. Ordinary modem
    The TCS module can function as an ordinary modem too. This allows the delivery of data from the Veeder Root equipment directly to a PC.
  • 5. Alarm center
    Data from external relays can be read to the TCS module and generate an alarm. The alarm input could come from burglair alarm, door switch or, e.g., oil separator.
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