Conventions used in commands:
<mandatory field> = indicates a mandatory field to be typed after the command
[optional field] = indicates an optional field, that can be omitted

Command: #MHD
Description: Reads/Writes TCS ID and SMS serial number.
TCS ID is a 10 digits alphanumeric value that can be used to identify a specific TCS.
SMS serial number is a 4 digits decimal number that increases everytime a new SMS is sent.
  • #MHD?
    Returns TCS ID and current SMS serial number
  • #MHD[=]<xxxxxxxxxx>[,xxxx]
    Sets TCS ID [and, optionally, serial number]
  • Mandatory fields description
  • <xxxxxxxxxx> is a 10 digits alphanumeric description, like TCS-000021 No spaces allowed. Use a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) instead.
    Ex. write TCS-0021 or TCS_0021 but NOT TCS 0021.
    Only US ASCII characters allowed. No accented or other special characters allowed. The only characters allowed are the following:
  • If you don't want a Header write 'nul', this will also disable the SMS serial number
  • Optional fields:
  • [=] optional equal sign, to improve readability
  • [,xxxx] is a number from 0 to 9999 preceded by a comma
  • Examples:
  • #MHD?
  • #MHD=my-1st-tcs,0000
  • #MHDnul
  • Default value after #INI: 0000000000,00
    Default value after reset: Unchanged
    Command availability Command line and SMS
    ADMIN Password privileges: Read/Write
    USER Password privileges: Read
    Requires TCS OS version: 5.1 or later

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