Weather data over the internet with TCS-AWS

With the TCS-AWS weather station equipped with one of the logger options, it is possible to store and send data sampled at programmed intervals. Real time data are available on line on our TCS METEO DATABASE ON LINE.

With the TCS-AWS weather station equipped with one of the logger options, it is possible to store data sampled at programmable intervals, from 2 to 60 minutes.
This is very useful to monitor weather data changes in particular areas, for statistic purposes.
We have installed one of our TCS-AWS GSM autonomous weather stations in the hills near Forli, at an altitude of 150 mt. It stores weather data every 10 minutes. Our Free BSD server receives GPRS real time data and stores them on a database
In the example on line at it is possible to see weather data of 1 day chosen from the list.
It is possible to select weather stations installed in different locations, including Hong Kong. Real time weather data arrive from everywhere by means of the local GPRS network and the internet for a cost of less than 10 cents a day.

Data can be seen on line or can be downloaded in a CSV format, easy to import in excel or similar spreadsheets.
We have also developed some graphic representation of the weather data, for temperature, wind and precipitation. Some examples of these graphics are visible below in this page. It is possible to see them on our page where they are actually generated in real time using data gathered day by day.
This is a very convenient solution for government agencies willing to monitor special areas of natural interest as well as for anybody who needs to gather weather data into a database and display them in different ways, through the internet, with or without pasword protection
We provide the GSM weather stationand we have designed the web interface to show wha could be done. We would be glad to provide the service to our customers, displaying their data, coming from their weather stations, with password protection, for a reasonable monthly fee.

time smsc si was wssd wmins wgust dwgust void1 wdir wdsd void2
 12:36   227   10   0   0   0   4   11      70   43    

temp dmintemp dmaxtemp void3 rf drf 24rf rh dminrh dmaxrh pwr vbat
 22   13   22      0   1   1            E   13.6 
Example of individual Weather data packet received from the TCS-AWS weather station (see real time data)

tcs-aws temperature graphic
Example of daily temperature graphic (see real time graphics)

tcs-aws wind graphic
Example of daily wind graphic (see real time graphics)

tcs-aws rain graphic
Example of Monthly precipitation graphic (see real time graphics)