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Pictures of AWS weather stations logged in GPRS

In order to test the GPRS functionality and to show what we can do we are setting up a network of weather stations belonging to us or to some of our customers that send data over Internet using a direct GPRS access provided by our GPRS option.
These stations send data every x minutes (x programmable from 2 to 60), data are stored into a database (mySQL) and can be retrieved in various formats including HTML dump, CSV files and graphics.
This is meant as an example of what we could do for specific requests. We can provide either a service or a complete solution, including hardware and software.
If you wish to send data from your TCS-AWS station to our database, please contact us and we will evaluate your case.
Note: not all stations are always on. Some are.

Real time weather data gathered from various stations with GPRS
Ca' Belvedere weather station is installed near Forli, on a hill at 150 mt above sea level, near a vineyard.
Il Palagio weather stations. 2 units are placed in the beautiful property Sting has in Tuscany where they practice biodynamic agriculture.

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